Revoke personal licenses from consumer users

In 10Duke SysAdmin, you can revoke personal licenses from users.

This article covers the different ways to revoke a license, either temporarily or permanently.

Suspend a personal license

You can suspend a user’s personal license by deactivating it on the Personal entitlements page. You can later resume a suspended license from the same place if needed.

Another option is to change the validity end date to set the license as expired.

Revoke credit from a personal license

You can revoke credit from a user’s personal license by revoking all of the license’s seats, use count, or use time on the Personal entitlements page.

Delete a personal license

You can permanently delete a personal license from a user:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Personal.

  2. Select the user whose licenses you want to delete.

    The Personal entitlement tab shows the user’s licenses.

  3. Select the licenses to delete, and in the Personal entitlement tab toolbar, select License > Delete.

  4. Click Confirm to confirm the deletion.

If the user is currently consuming the license, they are able to continue consuming it until the license lease expires or the client application tries to refresh the lease, whichever comes first.

If needed, you can delete all of the user’s personal licenses in one go by deleting their personal entitlement.

A license is also automatically deleted if you delete the associated licensed item or you delete the license model used by the license item.