Manage organization entitlements

In 10Duke SysAdmin, you can create and manage organizations’ entitlements, which contain their licenses.

An organization must have at least one entitlement to store their licenses.

Learn more about organization entitlements in 10Duke Enterprise.

Create an organization entitlement

Before you start:

To create an entitlement for an organization:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Organization.

  2. Click Change organization, search and select the organization, and click Confirm.

    The organization’s entitlements table opens.

  3. Select Actions > Create. A dialog opens.

  4. In Name, define a name for the entitlement. We recommend that you use a name that is unique in the system.

  5. In Description (optional), write a short description.

  6. Click Save to create the entitlement.

You can copy the unique ID of the new entitlement from the table: click the copy icon on the row on the right. The entitlement ID must be included in the request path when calling some of the 10Duke Enterprise API endpoints.

Next steps:

  • Grant licenses to an organization in the entitlement.

  • If you want to make the new entitlement the organization’s default one, see below how to edit the entitlement.

Edit an organization entitlement

  1. Go to the organization’s entitlements table as described above.

  2. You can make the following changes:

    • Edit the name and description: select the entitlement in the table and select Actions > Edit. Edit the fields in the same way as when creating an entitlement (see above).

    • Change the organization’s default entitlement: select the entitlement you want to set as default, and select Actions > Set as default.

      If you grant licenses using the 10Duke Entitlement Management REST API and the API request doesn’t specify an entitlement, the licenses are created in the default entitlement.

Delete an organization entitlement

Caution: Deleting an entitlement also deletes all the licenses in that entitlement.

Before you start:

  • If the entitlement contains licenses that must not be deleted, you can move them to another entitlement of the organization.

  • If you have multiple entitlements and you want to delete the default one, consider first setting one of the others as default (see instructions above). Otherwise if licenses are granted over the API and the API request doesn’t specify an entitlement, a new entitlement is automatically created for the licenses and set as default.

To delete an entitlement from an organization:

  1. Go to the organization’s entitlements table as described above.

  2. Select the entitlements you want to delete and select Actions > Delete.

  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

If a user is currently consuming a license that was deleted, they are able to continue consuming the license until the license lease expires or the client application tries to refresh the lease, whichever comes first.